The thrust of Edisun's design is to focus on
simple, reliable and inexpensive approaches.

Historically, the appeal of higher performance has led manufacturers to pursue more complicated, more expensive, and more challenging solutions, requiring exotic materials and special handling.

Edisun's redesign comes from four major innovations.
Large power towers are predominantly
construction projects, not manufacturing
projects. Edisun is looking to change that.

By building all components to fit easily
in a 40′ shipping container, the field
assembly is modular with little onsite
construction. This allows us to concentrate
all cost-savings within our factory, allowing
for rapid, low-cost, field deployment.
Heliostat fields of existing solar manufacturers are extremely capital inefficient and need to be designed to withstand high winds without breaking. These winds, however, are uncommon, resulting in a large upfront capital cost that goes underutilized most of the time.

Edisun's solution to high wind loading allows the cost of the heliostats themselves to be dramatically reduced, greatly improving system economics.
Edisun has partnered with Stirling engine manufacturer, Cool Energy, to provide exclusive use of their Stirling technology for solar applications.

This high-efficiency Stirling engine works with the temperature range and the cost-targets that Edisun needs to provide simple, economic power conversion.
Edisun is incorporating a gaseous working fluid, combined with a particle-bed storage array to capture the heat of production, providing 24 hour operation.

This passive design greatly reduces the system complexity when compared to molten salt solutions.
About Edisun
Edisun Heliostats is completely rethinking the CSP approach from the ground-up. This leads to lower costs, reduced maintenance, better scalability, and time-shifted production. The team has spent the last decade understanding, designing, developing, and building technology for several of the most relevant solar companies on the market. With this experience comes the understanding of what is being done right and what is being done wrong. By starting with a clean design, Edisun is revolutionizing the way solar is brought to market.
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