PV Booster is the exclusive rooftop dual-axis tracker.

Designed for commercial and industrial rooftops, our premium product produces more energy per panel than ordinary racking systems. If you need more kWh's per CAPEX dollar, you need PV Booster.

PV Booster™ generates 30% more energy, 20% better economics

Solar Better Economics
PV Booster™ is the only tracker designed for the commercial rooftop and solar carport sector.
PV Booster optimizes energy capture throughout the day regardless of orientation, latitude or time of year. The largest component cost of all PV systems is module investment so continuously pointing them directly at the sun increases the value of each solar panel.

Learn how PV Booster can improve your investment returns by 20%. Read Our Case Study >
Tilt View
PV Booster generates 30% more kWhr/year.
Tracking systems dominate the ground-mount market because of the economic benefits. However, rooftop and carport markets have not been able to take advantage of trackers because of weight, size, mounting, and wind issues.

For the first time in the industry, PV Booster solves all of those issues, allowing building owners to gain all the advantages of tracking on their rooftop. As a result, PV Booster can capture 30% more energy. Don't need more energy? Instead, lower nameplate capacity and decrease your capital investment, yet generate the same annual energy production. Either approach lowers the cost of solar energy and improves project economics.

A reliable, durable product that significantly boosts energy production

Dual-Axis Tracking
Tilt View
Dual-Axis Tracking
The dual-axis tracker keeps the PV module optimized regardless of the time of day, time of year, or latitude, assuring optimum energy capture. PV Booster's patented azimuth-elevation tracking lowers the pivot point, eliminating excessive structural material.
Easy Installation
PV Booster is plug and play and lays out as fast as a fixed tilt installation. Each PV Booster is secured to the roof using manufacturer recommended methods, we'll help find the right one for your roof. Installation guide >
Energy Generation Comparison
PV Booster is made with galvanized and stainless steel to resist the elements. Its direct drive design eliminates the need for a gearbox and the brushless DC motor has a 30 year life. PV Booster's thoughtful design makes it ultra-low-maintenance improving reliability.


Rooftop Mount
Rooftop Mount
Carport Mount
Carport Mount


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